NES Movie Archive!

In the past I have made many NESticle movies for various reasons (mostly because people have called me a liar when I say I can do certain things in games). Since these movies were just sitting around on my hard drive I decided to put them all on my website so that anyone with NESticle could view them. I hope that they will help you with difficult areas in some of my favorite NES games.

Mike Tyson's Punchout If I only had a nickel for every time somebody told me that beating Mike Tyson was impossible... I'd probably have a couple of extra bucks by now :) Well, since I was sick of people calling me a liar I decided to make a movie of myself doing "The Impossible". Admittedly, I screwed up a bunch on this one (mainly because my PC gamepad is pretty terrible), but I still beat Mike by TKO in the third round. It's actually quite a bit easier beating Mike on a real NES with a good controller.
Mike Tyson's Punchout The first round is arguably the most difficult part of fighting Mike Tyson. If you can learn to make it through the first round you will have a much better chance at beating him. Here's a movie in which I don't get knocked down in the first round. If you have good reflexes and practice enough, you can do it too!
Mike Tyson's Punchout For those of you that have made it to Super Macho Man, you know how irritating it is to have to fight him before you fight Mike every time. Well, Macho Man can be beaten in the first round so that should save you some time. Here's how it is done. You could also use the infamous "Straight to Mike" code, but then you don't get to see your true record when you beat the game.
Double Dragon Beating Willy (AKA the machine gun guy) in Double Dragon is extremely annoying! Although it is possible to beat him using conventional means, I use a method that works much better for me. I exploit a bug in the game that allows me to have a baseball bat type of weapon when I fight Willy (the weapon actually looks like a bone with meat still on it). In my opinion, it is much easier to defeat Willy using this weapon than it is to defeat him using normal fighting techniques.
Super Mario Bros 3 I've had a few people ask me how to get through the castle in the Pipe World (World 7) of SMB3. Since it was rather difficult to explain, I made a movie instead. Most people never even bother with World 7, but if you're like me (a glutton for punishment) then you probably want to beat the game without warping. This movie should help you get past a common sticking point.
Ninja Gaiden I have had several people call me a liar because I claimed to have beaten Ninja Gaiden without continuing. I don't like being called a liar so I sat down and beat the game on NESticle and recorded it. It isn't really that difficult... Anyway, this movie shows how I did it from beginning to end although I pressed start to skip all the cinemas because I wanted the movie file to be smaller. I only died twice (both intentional deaths), but I have never beaten the game without dying. I always die at least once in the infamous level 6-2 (The Hall of Brahmans). Anyway, enjoy!
Ninja Gaiden Do you ever get really frustrated in Act 6 of Ninja Gaiden because you have to repeat the entire Act if you die on any of the final 3 bosses? It's especially difficult because you lose your ninja art weapon when you beat a boss. You then have to fight the next one with only your sword... Well, I devised some strategies to beat these bosses with only the sword so that I wouldn't have to deal with the pain of repeating the whole act (and especially 6-2 "The Hall of Brahmans"). I hope this helps you out!

You will need NESticle and DOS4GW in order to run these movies. You will have to find the ROMs on your own. Don't e-mail me asking for ROMs. You can find them pretty easily using a search engine. Just remember that it is illegal to have ROMs of a game that you don't actually own. Anyway, enjoy the movies!

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