Call of the Raeven

NeverMore: Call of the Raeven is a game that I created the summer of 1996 in my spare time. It is a clone of Nintendo's Zelda game, but it is not nearly as deep in gameplay as Nintendo's masterpiece. When I was making this game, I was not interested in the design or art; I was more interested in the programming. In fact, in my dream project, I would have people to do the artwork and design for me because I don't really enjoy those aspects of game creation as much as I enjoy the programming. I also have a musical score written and recorded in MIDI format (by me of course), and I have sound FX as well. However, no audio elements are included in the downloadable version because I was using Midpak for the music back when I made this game, and the makers require a fee for distribution. I used my own sound FX code, but I have not written a setup program yet so I did not include any sound FX either. If you are having problems with the game or if you have comments, praises, criticisms, questions, etc., feel free to e-mail me.

Technical Details

NeverMore was programmed using a mixture of C and Assembler. C was used for all of the code except for the some of the graphics stuff. I programmed it in real mode (mainly because I didn't have a 32-bit C compiler), and I used graphics mode 13h. For those of you who don't know what mode 13h is, here is a brief description. It has 320x200 resolution and 256 colors with one page of video memory. Since there is only one page of video memory (arranged in a linear array) in mode 13h, graphics are a cinch to program. All of my graphics are double-buffered so that they are smooth and flicker free. I used a tile based approach with the tiles being 20x20 in size. All of the game's screens are stored as arrays of unsigned char type (to save space in the data segment and avoid using far pointers) with each tile type being an element in the array. Each screen array is then stored in another array which represents the game world. It is an array of arrays if you will. If you would like more information e-mail me because a technical desciption of everything in the game would just take too long. I will be glad to explain anything about the game if you e-mail me. My e-mail address is Do note that I made this game a long time ago so it really isn't the best example of my current ability...

The Story:

The land of NeverMore was once a peaceful land. People were able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that their families would be safe. That was before the coming of the Raeven. Now people are afraid for their lives, and they can hardly bear the oppression that the Raeven has placed upon them. As the nameless hero, you must obtain the three Mystic Polygons in order to confront the Raeven and restore harmony to NeverMore.

Pretty corny huh? Well, the link to download NeverMore is below. Enjoy!

Download NeverMore

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