Most Played Game System Lately

I own a NES (old and new styles), a Gameboy/Super Gameboy, a SNES, a Jaguar, a Playstation, and a N64. Although I play most of these systems regularly, I go through periods where I may play one system exclusively for a while. This page is here to tell you which system is played the most by me and why. Expect this page to be updated weekly since my game playing habits usually change every week.

Which system is it?

It was tough to decide which system was played the most by me lately, but I have to give it to the Playstation. The main reason for this is a gem of a game called Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. This game is an old school RPG with an excellent battle system, great plot, and over an hour of anime storytelling! I remember when this game was out for the Sega CD several years ago, but I never got to play it because Sega CD was crappy and expensive. Now with its re-release for the Playstation, we can all enjoy this wonderful game! If you like RPGs then I heartily recommend Lunar!

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