Rant on Fighting Games

By Yan Zhang

Rule 1:
Fighters never get tired whether they are not hurt or almost knocked out. In fact, some fighters are less tired when they are about to be KOed and can do really big and flashy moves.

Rule 2:
Every game that is a sequel to another always has more moves for everyone, even if the timeframe of the later-released game is BEFORE its "prequel". Example: SFA2

Rule 3:
Anything can be blocked. Example: a razor-sharp claw can be blocked by arms. Same thing in Samurai Shodown, where sharp weapons can be blocked even if the other person has no weapon.

Rule 4:
There are always people in the background (if they are there) who do nothing but wave and shout. They never eat, never sleep, and just watch fights.

Rule 5:
There's a couple in EVERY game that either looks alike or have same/similar moves. (there ARE exceptions to this)

Rule 6:
An animal companion (if one exists) could never be hurt.

Rule 7:
There is ALWAYS someone strange who fights with a bizarre weapon. Examples: Fo Fai, Vega, Gen-an...

Rule 8:
There is ALWAYS someone from Japan.

Rule 9:
.. .. .. .. .. .. from USA.

Rule 10:
There is ALWAYS a serious person who takes training very seriously. Example: Ryu (duh!), Hanzou, Takuma

And some counterpart who is fun-loving and wild: example: Ken, Fuuma, Ryo/Robert...

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