My Response to David R's Guestbook Entry

In case you haven't noticed, a fellow by the name of David R signed my guestbook a few days ago. Upon reading his guestbook entry I was shocked and bewildered by the nature of David R's comments. I am quite disturbed by this person, not because of what he wrote, but why he wrote it. It's obvious that for whatever reason, he was offended by my list of games that I have beaten. The question is, what kind of person can be provoked to such anger by something so small as a list of games beaten by someone who this guy doesn't even know? Anyhow, the guestbook entry is below along with my response to it.

WARNING! This Guestbook entry contains offensive language and profanity!

Name: David R.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: your ass
Time: 1998-12-19 05:30:00
Comments: Hey bitch, your page is the lamest one I've seen in my life. You gotta get a fuckin life...why the hell would you want to list all the games you've beaten?? what the fuck is that shit?? You gotta have some lame ass life trying to think you're big shit on the internet by bragging about the games you've beaten on NES. Get A FUCKING LIFE!!

Pretty disturbing eh? I don't know what this person was trying to accomplish by signing my guestbook, but he obviously needs serious psychological help. How can a simple list of games I have beaten provoke such anger and hatred in someone who doesn't even know me? And who is he to make judgements about my life? How does one define the phrase "Get a life" anyway? Does he mean that I should start spending all my time trying to get laid like 90% of other males my age? If that's what he calls "a life" then I'm guilty as charged. I choose to spend my spare time with family and friends as well as learning about game programming and playing video games. It's my life, and I can spend it the way I see fit as long as I am happy. That brings me to a final point: I think David R should take his own advice and get a life. It's obvious that he is not happy with his life or else he would not be so angry and feel the need to degrade others and criticize them unduly. Also, if he is going to express such strong opinions, he should at least have the courage to leave his e-mail address.

Here's the bottom line:
No amount of name calling or malicious criticism is going to change the content of this site because like it or not, it's my site, I pay for my web space, and I can do whatever I please as long as it's not illegal or against SimpleNet policy. Call it bragging if you want, but that list of games I have beaten has helped a lot of people believe it or not. Many people have seen the list, e-mailed me with a question about the game they are stuck on, and most of the time I am able to help them out. Without that "bragging", those people might have still been stuck and frustrated with their games! My thanks go out to all the readers who actually give useful feedback and constructive criticism rather than spouting judgement and insults. Thank you all.

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