Here are lists of the games that I own (listed in the order in which I purchased them). Oh, just so you don't think I am made of money, I paid less than $20 for over half of these. These games are also rated according to the overall quality and how entertaining they were at the time.


Although all ratings (including my own) are subject to personal bias, I try to rate each game as fairly as possible. Here's the breakdown:

***** A must have game; the pinnacle of its genre. Everyone should own this.
****_ A very good game worth buying; definitely worth buying if you like the genre.
***__ People who are fans of this game's particular genre will enjoy it, but others may want to pass.
**___ A game that is only worth a rental.
*____ Don't even bother. This game should have never been released! I have no conception of how anyone could like this!


***** Mario World
***__ Final Fight
***** Castlevania IV
***** Zelda
****_ Actraiser
****_ The Magical Quest
***__ Desert Strike (my dad's game)
****_ Star Wars
***** StarFox
***__ NCAA Basketball
***** Batman Returns
***** Street Fighter 2 Turbo (I'm unbeatable as Guile!)
***__ NBA Showdown
****_ Empire Strikes Back
****_ Mega Man X
***** Super Metroid
***__ Turn and Burn (my dad's game)
***__ Super BattleTank 2 (my dad's game)
****_ Secret of Mana
****_ Stunt Race FX
***** Axelay
**___ Gradius III
***__ Biometal (cool music by 2Unlimited)
****_ Rock 'n Roll Racing
***** F-Zero
***** Final Fantasy III
****_ Mortal Kombat II
***** Donkey Kong Country
****_ NBA Live 95
***** Earthworm Jim
****_ Return of the Jedi
****_ Buster Busts Loose
****_ BattleToads in Battlemaniacs
***** Chrono Trigger
***** Illusion of Gaia
***__ Earthbound
****_ Wario's Woods (Awesome with 2 players)
***** Yoshi's Island
***** Mario Kart (the best racing game ever!)
***** Final Fantasy II (better late than never)
***** Super Mario All-Stars
***** Donkey Kong Country 2
????? Secret of Evermore (haven't played it enough to rate)
***** Donkey Kong Country 3 (really fun, but a bit easy


***** Super Mario 64 (possibly the best game I have ever played)
***** Super Mario Kart 64 (Really fun game for multiple players)
****_ Turok : Dinosaur Hunter (Give it 5 stars if you love first person shooters)
***** StarFox 64 (Best shooter I have played in a long time)
***** GoldenEye 007 (This game is just so fun to play!)
****_ San Francisco Rush : A Rush tat is San Francisco (Inside joke for readers)
****_ Diddy Kong Racing (Fun but not 5 stars)

I don't even race in SF Rush! All I do is play the practice mode and try to find jumps that can be used to do amazing aerial stunts! Diddy Kong Racing is a fun game, but I don't see how Nintendo could place their hopes on it. It's just not good enough to be their number one title for the Christmas season.


***** Super Mario Brothers
***__ Duck Hunt
****_ Track Meet (power pad)
**___ Top Gun
****_ Castlevania 2
****_ ShadowGate
***** Zelda
***** Zelda II
***** Bionic Commando
***** Final Fantasy
***** Mario 3
***** StarTropics
****_ StarTropics2
***** Rygar
***** Mega Man 2
***** Mike Tyson's Punchout! (One of the best games ever!)
***** Ninja Gaiden (I foolishy sold this game a long time ago, but I bought it again!)
****_ CastleVania (Cool, but very dated)
***** Castlevania III (This game has everything!)
***** Contra (If you don't love this game you shouldn't be reading this page)
***** Metroid (A classic)
****_ Metal Gear (Fun game, but not for everybody)

All of my other NES games I either sold (Doh!) or they were stolen.


***__ Ridge Racer
***__ Toshinden
****_ Rayman
***__ NBA In the Zone
****_ Wing Commander III
***** Tomb Raider (Really cool game!)
***** Warhawk (Really awesome shooter)
***** Final Fantasy VII (What did you expect? 4 stars?)
***** CastleVania: Symphony of the Night (unbelievably cool)

Although FF7 is a great game, it has been overshadowed by CastleVania. I have not played FF7 ever since I got CastleVania! That's how good the game is.


***** Tetris
***** Mario Land
***** Metroid II
***** Mario Land 2
***** Zelda
***** Bionic Commando
**___ F1 Race
***** Donkey Kong (simply awesome!)
***__ Contra: The alien wars

For some reason, these gameboy games seem more fun than their NES cousins...

Jaguar (yes I am one of the few, the proud, the... wait a minute!?...)

**___ CyberMorph
****_ Tempest 2000
***** Alien vs. Predator (awesome corridor shooter)
****_ Iron Soldier
****_ Cannon Fodder
***__ Burn Out

Will I ever play these Jag games again?

Virtual Boy (I only paid $30 for it)

****_ Mario's Tennis
**___ Red Alarm
****_ Wario Land

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