Flight of the Raven

Flight of the Raven started out as a vertical scrolling demo, but after 3 weeks, it transformed into the unfinished game that it is today. There is no storyline, and there is no ending. It's actually a very simple game (what do you expect from 3 weeks of work?). It's still pretty cool though. My cuzzin Tim Munn did all of the artwork except for the player's ship. I actually did that. That's why it is plastered all over my pages! If you want to know why the game has no audio effects, see the NeverMore Page.

Tech Stuff

Flight of the Raven was programmed using a mixture of C and Assembler. It uses graphics Mode 13h (320x200x256) and it runs in real mode. Like NeverMore, the game is tile based with each tile being 20x20 in size. The vertical scrolling in the game occurs in one-pixel increments in order to look as smooth as possible. It took some fancy pants coding to make this sucker run like it does. I was told that it is nearly impossible to create scrolling like this with double-buffered screens, Mode-13h, and real mode programming. In fact, the scrolling in this game is FASTER than the scrolling in the professional game Raptor which uses Mode-13h with protected mode! I wrote a really fast routine to draw the tiles, and I wrote another BLAZIN' assembly routine to scroll the screen. As fast as the routines are, they can be even faster! I have a version of this game on my hard drive that is twice as fast, and all I did differently was writing one function in 32-bit assembly! Since I now have a 32-bit compiler I could totally recode the graphics to make the scrolling blaze! It's probably not worth the trouble though... If you want to know more, e-mail me.

You may download Flight of the Raven below. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at sdkess@geocities.com.

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