Super Mario Bros Tricks!

Ever since Super Mario Bros came out for the NES, many tricks and secrets have been found. Most people know about these tricks, but few have ever seen them, and even fewer have actually performed these tricks. Since I have done many SMB tricks myself, I decided to record them in the Nesticle Movie format (NSM) so that everyone else can learn to do these tricks!

You will need the Nesticle emulator, a SMB ROM, and the ZIP file containing the movies. Download these files below if you don't already have them. In order to play the movies go to the CPU option on the Nesticle menu. There is a NES Movie option at the bottom of the pulldown menu. Within the NES Movie submenu click on Play. You will then have to type the filename for the movie you wish to play. Make sure the movies are unzipped in the same directory as Nesticle, and also don't forget to add the .NSM filename extension. For example, the flagpole movie should be typed in as flagpole.nsm. Try these movies out, and then try to accomplish the tricks yourself! There are short descriptions below of each trick in "" file.

Minus World Medium-Hard It seems that everyone knows about the minus world, but not many people have actually seen it. I go to the minus world from world 1-2, but I suspect that there are 2 more minus worlds!
Jump Over Flagpole Really Hard I have talked to many people about jumping over the flagpole, and they all say that they were high enough, but they were either sucked back onto the pole or the pole bent (?) and grabbed them! Well, I have actually jumped completely over the flagpole in world 3-3! As far as I know this is the only stage where you can do this. I'll never forget the first time I jumped the flagpole... My sister was right there watching, and we couldn't believe it. Well, I've done it many times now so BELIEVE IT!
Small & Fiery Mario Medium Getting a small & fiery Mario isn't really hard to do once you know how to do it. All you have to do is make it to Bowser with fireballs (maybe you just have to be big... I dunno) and get hit by him at the same time that you land on the axe to cut the bridge. You'll know you did it right if you are still big when you get to Toad. Now when you get a mushroom and a flower you be small but able to shoot fire!
Moonwalk Easy All you have to do in order to moonwalk is go to world 4-2 as small Mario, there is a place near th beginning where you can get a mushroom while you are in an area that only small Mario can get into. When the mushroom touches you, Mario will be too big to fit in the corridor, and he'll be pushed out. If you try to walk against this pushing force Mario will moonwalk!
Get a bunch'o men! Hard There are two places in Super Mario Bros where you can get tons of extra lives. One is in World 3-1 and the other is in World 7-2 (I think). At the end of 3-1 there is the standard staircase that you can jump off to reach the flagpole at the end. Two Koopa Troopas come down at you, and if you jump over the first one and wait for the second one you can jump on the second one's head. If you do it right (my Nesticle movie shows how) you can repeatedly hop on the Koopa's head and get extra lives. If you get too many, you'll get game over the next time you die so don't be too greedy!
Climb Thin Air Easy Whenever you get a vine to appear, if you jump on it quickly enough and start climbing, you can get ahead of the vine's growth and climb on thin air! It's pretty easy to do this in World 3-1 right after the spring board.

If you have any questions or comments concerning these movies or tricks, e-mail me.

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