Vampire Hunt 2: The Vampire Bites Back!

I recently decided to work on a demo that uses a parallax scrolling engine that I created that can be used to make SNES quality games. I doubt that I'll make a real game with it due to the lack of quality artwork, but I plan to make a very nice demo that shows off my newest game engine! You may download a VERY early version below. It requires a Pentium computer, and make sure that you put the VSYNC ON for smooth scrolling! Turning the VSYNC OFF is only useful for benchmarking the speed of the demo. If the demo is chunky or choppy, shrink the size of the visible screen using the guidelines at the program's startup.

Also, RUN THE DEMO FROM DOS! If you run it from Windows, you may experience extreme chunkiness and sound skipping. Finally, the song included with this demo is from Quickman's stage in Mega Man 2 that has been beautifully arranged by Nitro. Any feedback is welcome!

Download Vampire Hunt 2 Demo (300k)

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